YLM 60 Cell Series 1500V

1650mm / 992mm / 35mm
Module Type
  • YL295D-30b, with peak power of 295 W
  • YL300D-30b, with peak power of 300 W
  • YL305D-30b, with peak power of 305 W
  • YL310D-30b, with peak power of 310 W
  • YL315D-30b, with peak power of 315 W
  • YL320D-30b, with peak power of 320 W

The workhorse of our 1500V product line, the YLM 60 Cell solar panel is the monocrystalline module in our portfolio and is ideal for those looking for a higher power density option.

Choosing the best P-type monocrystalline cells, YLM series modules get you the more out of your system. Trust in the expertise of Yingli and well proven technology.

High conversion efficiency and more power output per square meter.

Our high-transmission glass features a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the solar cells, resulting in a higher energy yield.