Solar Panel Manufacturing

As one of the world’s largest solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturer, Yingli Solar is committed to delivering the best quality solar panels available.

With more than 15 years of solar PV manufacturing experience and three world-leading solar R&D facilities in the US, Spain and China, we are at the forefront of new solar energy technology.

Using the best quality solar components available and industry-leading equipment from Europe, the United States, Taiwan, Japan and China, we stand behind our promise of quality workmanship and technological innovation.

Our fully automated production line and commitment to constantly improving our solar manufacturing process guarantees unbeatable quality, efficiency and durability.

Yingli Solar panels undergo vigorous testing including:

• Flash testing at every stage of the production line to ensure that every panel that leaves our factor is of the highest quality

• Marathon durability testing by TÜV Rheinland demonstrating that our solar panels surpass International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards by up to six times

• World-class in-house solar PV testing and reliability laboratories in USA, Spain and China guaranteeing that we are constantly evaluating, re-evaluating and innovating to produce the highest energy outputs from our solar panels.

Our world-class solar panel production facilities are located throughout China with factories in Baoding, Haikou, Tianjin and Hengshui and are supported by an expansive global supply chain.

Production Expansion

In addition to our main PV solar manufacturing site at the Company’s headquarters at Baoding in China’s Hebei Province, we also operate the following:

Hainan Manufacturing Campus

Hainan Yingli New Energy Resources Co., Ltd was founded in September 2009 in order to expand our manufacturing capabilities. In July 2010, Hainan Yingli completed construction of its Phase 1 manufacturing facility, located in Haikou City, in the Hainan Province of China. With an annual production capacity of 400 MW, the facility covers the entire solar PV value chain from ingot casting and wafering, to solar cell production and solar panel assembly.

Tianjin Manufacturing Facility

Yingli Green Energy founded Tianjin Yingli New Energy Resources Co., Ltd. in March, 2011 in Binhai Technology Park, located in the High-Tech Zone of Tianjin. The facility covers ingot casting, wafering, solar cell, module assembly and application system. Currently, the total production capacity is 300 MW.

Hengshui Manufacturing Facility

Hengshui Yingli New Energy Resources Co., Ltd. is located in Hengshui Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province of China. Currently, the total capacity is 150 MW. The facility covers ingot casting and wafering, to solar cell production and module assembly.

Fine Silicon Facility

Fine Silicon Co., Ltd., our in-house polysilicon plant, began commercial production of high-quality solar-grade and electronic-grade polysilicon in August 2010. The Baoding-based factory’s advanced monosilane-based technology and closed-loop manufacturing process enable significant energy savings and a low environmental impact compared with traditional tricholorosilane (TCS)-based polysilicon technology. Fine Silicon Co., Ltd. currently has a designed annual production capacity of 3,000 MT.

Research & Development Labs

Yingli Solar Photovoltaic Research, Development, and After-Sales Center, Madrid

In October 2011, Yingli Green Energy opened the photovoltaic industry’s largest R&D and after-sales service centre, which is located in Madrid, Spain. As the only solar panel manufacturer to establish its own comprehensive product evaluation, testing, and service facility in Europe, Yingli Green Energy delivers enhanced client service to European customers through every stage of the project lifecycle.