Xinmei Shan

Xinmei Shan

Location: Baoding, Hebei, China

Title: Manager, Equipment Management

How many years have you been with Yingli Green Energy? I have worked at Yingli Green Energy for about eight years now. When I first joined the company everyone called me Xiao Shan (Little Shan). Now everyone calls me Lao Shan (Elderly Shan)!

Can you describe your experience at Yingli Green Energy? When I first joined the company I did not know much about solar energy. That’s why everyone called me Little Shan –not only because I was young, but also because I was new to the industry and had so much to learn. Nonetheless, everyone at Yingli Green Energy was welcoming and helpful. When I felt confused, other colleagues encouraged me and made me feel comfortable.

Over the past eight years I have seen myself grow so much, both professionally and personally. My career at Yingli Green Energy is a very important part of my life. My colleagues, who are always willing to help each other at work and on the personal level, have become an extension of my family.

As years passed and I gained more knowledge of Yingli and the entire solar industry, my nickname changed from Little Shan to Elderly Shan. I love my job and my Yingli family, which have given me the greatest opportunity of all time.

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